Call for works 2017

Phonurgia Nova awards
deadline for registration : july 31th 2017

The call for works and projects is now open ! For the second time, the Phonurgia Nova awards will take place in Paris at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France - François Mitterrand. The jury will award 5 Prizes (for an amount of 7 500 €). Many prestigious institutions are joining us for this new edition. Special thanks to them and to all the other partners quoted below without which this event could not exist.

Celebrating the best of french and international radio and sound art, the jury is looking for "the crème de la crème" of creative documentaries, radio drama, field recording, hörspiel, audio pieces, archives recycling, installations and performances. All details available on this page below.

Save the dates :
Opening of the contest and call for works: may 7th.
Deadline for submissions: july 31th.
Public listening days at the BnF in Paris (open to everybody) :
23th and 24th (Bibliothèque Nationale de France)

Reminder : last year, 199 productions, coming from 17 countries, were entered in the prize. The winners’works are available on



22th Call for works

"The Loud-speaker is probably the greatest common denominator in all our lives to-day. Video, multimedia, car radios, mobile phones are all crafting a new life for sound. In all domains sound is an objet of research, of reflexion. It is essential to open up creative, imaginative spaces for sound. And to encourage people to listen". Christian Leblé, chairman.


Among the prizes awarded for acoustic creation, the Phonurgia Nova competition has, since 1986, occupied a special place by virtue of its recognition of artists whose work exploits sound as a medium for expressing the real and the imaginary. The contest is open to all authors (independant radio producers, musicians, composers, sound artists and multimedia production teams). An international jury panel (made up of representatives from the radio industry, the art press and the sound world) will judge the entries.

This year's competition will distinguish authors whose work manifests a keen sense of sound and listening as means of expression. In that frame, the criterions remain: “Radicality, boldness, audibility”! As usual, the jury will consider all forms of inventive radio (documentary, feature, fiction, essays, Hörspiel, experimental radio, etc.) and all kind of works beyond the radio (like Field recording, Web works, Soundmap, etc).

The jury will deliberate on two types of works :

1) completed production (granted with euros)
2) project (granted with residencies and workshops)
All preselected works will be broadcasted during the two days’ Festival in their integrality if they do not exceed 20 minutes. If the piece is longer, an extract will be chose by the author for the broadcast in public.

The jury will award 5 Prizes (for an amount of 7 500 €) :
1) The “Sound Art Award” of 2 000 € (for the finalized production) .
2) The “Pierre Schaeffer Discovery Award” of 500€ (for the finalized production) and several Phonurgia Nova Workshops (for the projects) during summer 2018. Be carefull : this category is only open for authors less than 30 years old at the date of the registration.
3) The " Fiction Award " of 2 000 € is granted by the french authors society, SACD. Details on this Prize are available in the french version of this call for works.
4) The “Spoken archives Award” of 1 000€ granted by the BnF / Bibilothèque Nationale de France - François Mitterrand (Paris). It will award an author or group of authors claiming creative freedom in collecting and/or manufacturing the speech (without any language restriction).
5) The “Field recording Award” of 1 000€ is granted by the " Musée de la Camargue" (Arles). It will award an author or group of authors claiming creative freedom in exploring the sound of nature, and intercation between humans and the environnement.

In addition, 5 residency will be granted for innovating projects, submitted as scripts, in thiese various areas. These residencies woll take place at GRM/INA (Paris), GMVL (Lyon), Euphonia (Marseille), and Phonurgia Nova (Arles)

The discussions of the jury are open to the public during two listening days (23th and 24th of September at the BnF), but the final Jury decisions are not subject to appeal. The awarded works and some others works belonging to the final selection will be offered to the members of the EBU European Broadcasting Union, and to the French radio non-profit networks, for one free broadcast per station. The broadcasts will be declared to the respective author's rights organizations.

Each entry must be filled out in English or in French, and drop on the following website Dropbox, A guideline is available on request at :

Each submission must include:
1 - the included entry form completed and signed off
2 - a biography of the author(s) and general information concerning his (their) habitual manner of working.
3 - an authorization to participate from the production or the co-authors of the works submitted
4 - a short description of the work submitted
5 - a sound file in good quality (wav)
6 - in the ‘project’ category: we expect a description and/or “maquette” and/or a scenario of the project, accompanied by any documentation which could inform the jury as to the intention of the authors and the technical requirements of the project
7 - A transcription in English of the text included in the work, if relevant
8 - for the “Pierre Schaffer Discovery award”, in addition with the documents above, we ask for a copy of an identity card mentioning the date of birth of the authors
Closing date for registration of entries: July, the 30th 2017.
We expect one application form by submission in the different categories (and not one per author/producer).

An application form is available in PDF format from the link below


Once the folder created on Dropbox and containing all required elements mentioned below, you just have to share the link with the following email address:

Registration fee for the different prizes mentioned above = 30 euros (and 15 euros for each work submitted to the “Pierre Schaeffer Discovery Award”).
All payment from outside France must be made by Paypal (using the following email address: or by direct bank to bank transfer to Association PHONURGIA NOVA, Bank: BNP Arles, 10 place de la République, 13200 Arles, IBAN : FR76 3000 4000 4400 0201 4673 195 / BIC BNPAFRPPNIM. All bank charges must be prepaid. No refunds will be made.

Applicants are asked to submit their productions by the 31th July 2017. The Listening days will take place on September the 23th and 24th 2017 at the BnF / Bibliothèque Nationale de France, site François Mitterrand (Paris, 13). Theses two days of listening are open to everybody. Results will be announced on the evening of the last day and published on our website. They will be given to all participants by email. The terms of artist-in residence will be organized during the year 2018, in accordance with dates chosen by the prizes’ winners. Prize winning works will be auditioned or exhibited by Phonurgia Nova in 2018.

Authors must make sure that any participant or right owner has given his agreement. The festival management is not legally responsible for any damage caused on any piece of the entry. The Festival management reserves the right to use any selected work in order to promote the Festival. The completed entry form represents the candidate's consent to the above rules and regulations. The french version of this text will be taken in account in case of contestation.

An online "listening room" on enables visitors to have access to some previous selected works.

All the materials received at the Phonurgia Nova contest will constitute a permanent archive of audio works. This archive will be opened to the public for free.

A blog will allow you to follow all steps of the selection on (mostly in French, sorry). For further information or any question, feel free to email at

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For further information about this competition, please feel free to contact the Phonurgia Nova office in Arles :

Phonurgia Nova Awards
39, rue Genive
13200 Arles

Our warm greetings for the below institutions, communities, companies, newspapers and media partner which support us and make this contest possible. They allow us to follow our commitment for contemporary sound art.